We are a young , creative group of people who have a passion for modeling went towards cinema. This resulted in a collaboration with the largest advertising companies , television stations and film studios throughout the country. We cooperate with the authorities , institutions , and individuals . We offer our customers a professional , flexible service , technical advice - all at the highest level. Moreover , unlike the competition in the market , characterized by individual approach to each client. We realize that we live in a time of crisis , so our offer is carefully examined , so as to be able to use it every customer . DronaVista is a brand that has gained recognition in the market in a very short time. We are aware that it happened , among other things because of the ruling , which we profess in cooperation . " Our motto is to meet the demands and needs of our customers and be their reliable business partner " No we are left with nothing but encourage the state to visit the contact tab , which allows you to look closer at our offer and also establish permanent cooperation. For his part, we are able to guarantee a reliable service that will help you make a decision ! You are welcome !

Why use our services?

In financial terms, this is a very attractive alternative to rent a real helicopter .

Each order is individually consider due to the different requirements and conditions .

DronaVista team applied the new solution in which the person operating the model does not have to simultaneously control and operate the camera. With the new solution, one person can fly and one can control the camera from a completely independent unit which significantly enhances the capabilities of the device.

We have already had more than 300 hours of flying , our technical experts are among the best in Poland